6 top secrets of a frugal shopper

6 Top Secret Traits of the Frugal Shopper

Here are 6 top traits of the frugal shopper:-


  1. A frugal shopper studies other people. There are probably people near you living a good life on half of what you make. Learn how others do things, so you’ll know your options.


  1. Frugality requires knowledge of values. It’s hard to get a huge deal on a car if you don’t recognize a big deal. Start enlightening yourself on prices, especially before you’re ready to buy anything that costs a lot.


  1. Frugal shoppers pay cash. Things are cheaper when paid for in cash instead of credit. Want that new patio set? The cost divided by the number of weeks you can wait to get equals how much you need to set aside each week. You’ll not only save on interest when you pay cash, but you’ll often get a better price.


6 top secrets of a frugal shopper


  1. A frugal shopper looks for alternatives. Maybe you’d have just as much fun taking that discounted trip to the Bahamas as you would going to Jamaica. If you happen to enjoy pizza just as much – or more, skip the expensive restaurant and call Dominoes.


  1. rugal shoppers tell people what they need. Just mention it in conversation. Do you know how many people get free or cheap things just because they talk?


  1. Do the math. You didn’t really save $400 on that car if it costs you $500 more in gas each year. Also, be aware that some stores are cashing in on shopper’s assumptions that larger is cheaper. Yes, the gallon of pickles might actually cost more than four-quart jars. Be ready to do the math if you want to be a frugal shopper.

If you follow the above 6 traits of a frugal shopper, you’re definitely on your way to saving money.

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6 top secrets of the frugal shopper



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