My name is Julie Julius.   A Warm Welcome to Gals Fitness.

I am the Founder and Writer of Gals Fitness and  I’m passionate about Self Improvement.  I will help you build and lead a healthier, happier, and more successful lifestyle using fitness and wellness resources on this website.

 I create digital products for both personal and business use.  These include Planners, Journals, Checklists, Workbooks and Business Templates that help to plan and organize life. 

These resources will assist you to become your best self through Self Care, Self Love, Self Improvement and Financial Wellness.  The information I share here is through inspirational posts, research-based information and resources to bring you happiness and thrive.

My mission for this website is to empower you to keep on improving your health, doing what you can and feel your best using fitness resources to maintain a strong quality of life.

About Me

After retiring from the corporate world, I’m finally following my dream of becoming a Creative Entrepreneur. 

JJ About MeMaking use of self-improvement resources such as Journals, Planners helped me with the restoration of both my spiritual and physical health. 

I decided to learn more about fitness and how to take care of myself and others after realizing that fitness is a powerful healing and prevention tool not only for the body but for the mind and spirit as well.  

Hobbies and Interests…

I’m passionate about empowerment and self improvement.  I empower disadvantaged women to embark on entrepreneurial projects through my Non Profit Organization.  Cooking is a hobby that I love the most because I get a chance to try out new recipes.  I also binge on thriller Netflix movies If I’m not out with my gals.  I enjoy an occasional home spa or indulge in a professional treatment at a nearby Thai massage parlor.  

My wish for you is to find value and use even just one idea from this website to help lead a life full of love, happiness and abundance.

Thank you for stopping by,

You all inspire me!






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