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I’m Juliet, the creator of  The Gals Fitness Blog.  This is a Lifestyle Blog created to provide resources on self-care tips and more to women in midlife so that they learn how to look after themselves, rest and unlock their full potential as they age.

As women, we spend most of our lives looking after others be it our own families, parents and so on without allocating some time to look after ourselves.  This can lead to serious burnout and fatigue or until we’re old or the children have left us to lead their own lives.

Being an empty nester myself, I developed this website to empower my readers through inspirational posts, research-based information and resources so that women can be happy and thrive.    

If I’m not working, I love binge watching shows and movies on television while enjoying a glass of wine.  

My wish for every visitor is to find value and use even just one idea from this website to help lead a life full of love and abundance.

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