• 6 top secrets of a frugal shopper

    6 Top Secret Traits of the Frugal Shopper

    Here are 6 top traits of the frugal shopper:-   A frugal shopper studies other people. There are probably people near you living a good life on half of what you make. Learn how others do things, so you’ll know your options.   Frugality requires knowledge of values. It’s hard to get a huge deal on a car if you don’t recognize a big deal. Start enlightening yourself on prices, especially before you’re ready to buy anything that costs a lot.   Frugal shoppers pay cash. Things are cheaper when paid for in cash instead of credit. Want that new patio set? The cost divided by the number of weeks…

  • how to evaluate an affiliate program

    Top 10 Checklist On How To Evaluate Good Affiliate Programs

    If you decide to start affiliate marketing as a business,  selecting the right one can be a challenging task. There are many different affiliate programs to consider representing. Before you sign up for a program, there are some key criteria to evaluate. This handy checklist can help you make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to before you start promoting. Niche Determining which affiliate program you can join depends on your niche.  If you’re a food blogger, you must join food affiliate programs or companies that sell cooking equipment. Payouts Look for programs that offer a good commission percentage. For example, Amazon.com generally pays between 4% and 6% for a…

  • how to start budgeting and saving money

    How to Start Budgeting and Saving Money

    Here are some tips on how to start budgeting and saving money. These tips will assist in cutting expenses as much as possible and try to save as much money as you can. By cutting expenses and spending less, you will be creating more time and space for the things that you value in your life.  By doing  this you’re also trying to create prosperity and abundance so that you have the freedom and the time to the things you value.  These are things that can bring you and my family joy. Use the Following Tips To Start Your Budgeting Planning Gather three months of your pay stubs and get…

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