7 Tips Why Mindfulness in Midlife Women Is Important

    Here are 7 tips why mindfulness in midlife women is important.  Midlife crisis is a personal turmoil experienced by people at or about the age of forty. Educating women on the benefits of mindfulness and equipping them with the necessary access to mindfulness tips will result in better physical and mental health thus resulting in improvement in their overall well- being. Why Mindfulness is Vital to Women’s Mental Health Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you focus on the present moment, acknowledging thoughts and feelings without judging them. This method has been shown to have many positive effects on your mental health, including reducing anxiety and stress levels. Interestingly,…

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    How the Lack of Self Care Can Lead to an Unhappy Life

    Self-care is often seen as a luxury, but did you know it can lead to a longer, happier life? Self-care is good for your mental health. Without self-care, you’re likely to end up feeling stressed, tired, and generally unhappy. Here, we’ll look at how a lack of self-care can lead to an unhappy life. You will also learn some of the signs to watch out for that you need more self-care in your life. You’ll feel stressed and exhausted When you aren’t taking care of yourself, you’ll often feel stressed and exhausted. This in turn can lead to burnout and a feeling of resentment. For example, it could be that…

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    5 Honest Reasons Why People Fail at Self Care

    Self-care is the process of taking care of one’s self.  Women provide the majority of informal care including spouses, parents, parents-in-law, friends and neighbors. Women play many roles while caregiving that is hands-on health provider, care manager, friend, companion, surrogate and decision-maker. But in a fast-paced and often chaotic society, many women tend to put their own needs last. So many women constantly put everyone else first, allowing their own needs to suffer. Some women may even become resentful because their personal needs have been neglected. Self-care for women is imperative. Follow these self-care strategies to help you take care of yourself and achieve balance in your life.   Recognize…