Pure Natural Healing Cure for Constipation

If you’re one of those people who find going to the toilet to poop a nightmare especially first thing in the morning, you’re not alone. Most people find that it’s the worst experience of their day, to spend more than 10 minutes sitting on the toilet seat.  Read on this story from a friend of mine that found relief in pure natural healing:

Daria husband’s story…

I have to admit, I’m no longer the young, able-bodied boy I used to be. Age has caught on with both my mind and body, and at times I wondered if there was anything I should be living for, when my body is failing me and I can’t achieve all the things on my bucket list. I’m riddled with diabetes, and along with it came hypertension, swollen feet, painful nerves, constant headaches, and depression.

It’s not easy being old, with your kids going on with their own lives and your partner also too frail to help with anything. My wife and I wanted to take a vacation to California on our own, but the plans fell through when I started getting constipated, often for many days without relief until I had to seek medical help. Laxatives helped temporarily, but it kept happening until I got tired of taking extra pills – in addition to my usual diabetic meds – just to be able to go Number 2.


pure natural healing


Difficult as it was to get through the disappointment of canceling the vacation, my wife sought help from her friends and our neighbors, asking if anyone knew of a better way to help with my digestion, and our neighbor Daria helpfully offered a suggestion: Pure Natural Healing. It sounded way too good to be true – how can I cure my constipation problem without pills or a change of diet and if there really was a way, why haven’t my doctor already recommended it to me?

Daria patiently explained it all to me. Doctors and big pharmaceutical companies pretended meridian therapy – also known as acupressure – didn’t exist, because it was highly effective and cost next to nothing compared to their exorbitant hospital bills and pill prescriptions.

If everyone knew about this natural yet effective method, no one would need to go to the doctors or psychiatrists to relieve their stress or treat mild ailments. Therefore meridian therapy hasn’t gotten the widespread fame and credit it sorely deserves, and instead is relying on enlightened persons like Daria and now me (and my wife) to reach out to others.


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When Daria told me all of this, I still didn’t believe her initially. I had no idea what she was talking about, and because I’d been ingesting pills all my life, I was suspicious of any method that claimed to be natural and without medication.

But then she taught me a way to massage my meridian points to help with my constipation, and I started to believe. Because it worked. Within a day (although Daria tells me for her it took a few days to really feel the effects), my bowels were revived and I successfully purged myself of the waste my body had been hoarding inside. Just within a day!

After this happened, I purchased a copy of Pure Natural Healing for myself and my wife, and we began exploring all the techniques inside. There was a video on something called the Qi-Flexercise, which was supposed to boost your immune system and aid digestion, preventing constipation.

We watched the video and did the steps accordingly, which was fun because we seldom had the energy to even take a walk, much less exercise together. The great thing about these methods is that they aren’t vigorous at all, and require mere minutes to execute. We were so inspired by my resolved issue of constipation that we wanted to get the most out of this guide as fast as possible!

Both my wife and I felt eons better than we’ve had in years when we performed the exercises together. You can do them on your own, but it’s a bonus when someone is able to massage your neck or head for you. We also tried out the high blood pressure massage, and stress and anxiety relievers. And because of the improved blood circulation, my feet were no longer swollen.

Although to be frank, I didn’t realize the full effects of these exercises until I went for my routine checkup three weeks later, and my doctor praised me on managing to lower my blood pressure levels. I was stunned. I told him about Pure Natural Healing and he too was quite astonished at how quick its results were. He then said he would try it out for himself. I can’t wait for my next checkup to see how he would react when he realizes how effective it is!

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