what is cellulite

What is Cellulite and What Causes it?


Unflattering lumps and bumps — yes, ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The other Big C that is a constant source of distress and frustration: Cellulite.

Know your enemy

If we want to get rid of cellulite, the first thing we have to do is to know what it is. Cellulite is a nightmare to most women and defies both age and weight. Cellulite is basically the muscle atrophy that has gone weak, flabby and mushy.  This muscle is no longer able to hold the above layers of skin i.e. epidermis, dermis and fat that it’s supposed to.


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As a result this condition makes the skin to have a dimpling effect.  It is often referred to as the orange peel skin or cottage cheese that affects the abdomen and lower basic regions of the body.

Growth of cellulite can be spurred by genetics, issues in the circulatory system, diet, hormonal imbalance and lifestyle among others. Although cellulite mostly affect 90% of  women, it is estimated that 70% is mainly lifestyle and 30% generic. It is also important to note that cellulite doesn’t  just occur on women who are overweight because there are cases of slim women that have it too.

Battling the bulge

Now that we know what cellulite is, it’s time to strategize! Before we begin, know that this fight is something we can win. Confidence and perseverance are key ingredients to our victory.


Watch your diet

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I know, I know. It’s the dreaded D word. But don’t fret. Diet does not mean deprivation. What it essentially means is that we have to eat smart. Fruits and vegetables are always the best way to go. Manage those carbs. Fiber is best in clearing out the intestinal tract.

Some miracle anti-cellulite food include cloves, lemons, rosemary, ginger, and cinnamon. It’s high time to cellulite-proof your dining table!



The number one lesson towards a healthy skin is always hydration. One of the best ways to achieve this, is by drinking plenty of water and eating water rich foods. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is recommended to keep your skin hydrated to get rid of cellulite faster.

It is advisable not to drink too much water as it is actually detrimental to your health as it washes away other essential nutrients the body needs. You should let your thirst guide you all the time.  Remember: water enhances collagen and enhanced collagen flattens those lumps like a boss. Drinking water will get help to get rid of toxins in your body therefore increasing circulation.

Sweat them out

You can’t just wish those lumps away. You’ve got to really go out there and beat them to a pulp! Exercising regularly tones the body, effectively bidding farewell to those unappealing lumps. While you can choose what kind of exercise regiment you want to live by, it’s always wise to include weight training.

Unlike cardio exercises which focus more on building endurance, weight training is specifically for body toning and tightening especially in problem areas like the thighs, the arms, and the buttocks. Doing weights also increases muscle mass which is always a plus!

Pick your clothes well

Surprised that this is even a suggestion? Well, guess what? Your clothes can either highlight or minimize the dimply appearance. Choose clothes that will be most flattering to you, not your cellulite. A lot of fashion mags and sites offer so many ideas regarding outfits for varying body types that you can explore. There are some clothes that bring it to a whole new level by infusing vitamins and friendly chemicals that hydrate and tighten skin. These leave your skin looking less lumpy.

Keep bath salts and creams at hand

There are numerous dermatologically tested bath salts and creams that are perfect for slimming and enhancing collagen, the cellulite buster. Soft skin is but a welcome bonus!

Seek professional help

It’s always great to consult those who are experts on this field. Just be careful with what you are getting into. Do your own research before you agree to undergo any body shaping treatment. Some of the things that have gotten approval over the years are massage rollers, lasers, radio frequency energy, and micro current body treatment.

Be cautious, however, with fat removal surgery. It has received a lot of bad wrap lately, receiving negative feedback ranging from uneven skin to quick resurgence of fats.

what is cellulite and what causes it

Obtain a mindset for succeeding

Your mind is what propels the rest of the body to push to whatever limits it requires to. Once you can see yourself loosing the pounds and having that amazing body, you can achieve anything. You only have to believe it. It takes courage, determination and positive thinking to do anything. There is a big difference between thinking about weight loss and actually implementing a plan.

Your mind also needs a great deal of sleep and rest to regenerate both the mind and body cells, and the response to high calorie junk by the brain is altered according to certain findings of neuroscientists ………… Feeding the body the right stuff. Whatever your body obtains is very essential for its health and fitness.

A diet to get you to the peak of fitness is that which incorporates all the types of food groups in the right amounts. Yes, we have the power to keep unbecoming cellulite at bay. All we have to do is to shape up and do our part. So ladies, if you’re with me, let’s lead the charge!

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