workouts for women over 55

Workouts for Women Over 55 to Lose 3 Lbs Per Week

Just 2 months ago weight-loss expert Aline P has started a secret project: The SLIM OVER 55 Challenge…

Slim Over 55 is her new and the only weight loss program especially designed for women over the age of 55 – women like you, who have been through menopause and need to get all their hormones back in balance!

During the past week, after 2 months of being on the Slim Over 55 program, all of the Challenge attendees shared their experiences and results in Aline’s secret Fb group…

Around 200 didn’t finish the challenge…

Around 200 lost under 10 pounds, but noticed a big increase in their energy and a change in their body shape.

Around 200 have lost 10-20lbs and noticed a big change in their body, having lost at least 2 dress sizes.


workouts for women over 55


But around 400 of them, have reached their ideal weight and altogether have lost over 10871 lbs – over 27lbs lost!

Their secret: they have all started each morning by drinking a cup of Aline’s NEW METABOLISM-BOOSTING TEA, and then, they did one Slim Over 55 workout, and followed the other simple guidelines!

When I saw these results, I was blown away because on average, these women have lost over 27 lbs in 2 months, so I decided to share THIS with you!

So, if you want similar results, I recommend you use the page below and get the Slim Over 55 program with 85% OFF!

If you start the program today, in just 10 days, you will increase your female metabolism with over 300% and you can lose at least 13lbs per month until you reach your ideal weight!

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